Fragile Security

Forbes has a short piece by Hugh Thompson on security in information systems that I’ve read in a long time. In the role of CIO, we need to be talking about the ideas that are summarized in his great article. We’ve got to expect people mistakes and system failures, assume your system is being attacked, create safety nets and just have a general security mindset in all our applications and thinking. This article does a nice job at summarizing these thoughts.

The Era of Security Fragility

A Few Great Posts to Read

Wanted to pass along a few great posts that I’ve collected from others in the past weeks.  Some of these I’m still thinking about and might post further on later.

  1. Mark McDonald is at Garter Group and he wrote a piece called  12 Things Every Business Needs To Know About IT on his blog.
  2. There is an article on Forbes CIO Central called The Coming Crisis of IT Management which has a lot of good points.  I might share this with my boss and use this piece and the prior one with my boss as a conversation starter.
  3. JD Meier wrote a great piece on Business Scenarios for the Cloud which outlines business reasons why cloud solutions make sense.
  4. And finally Bertrand Duperrin always writes great stuff about collaboration and social networking in the enterprise.  He wrote an interesting note called Making the Most of Key Resources in Collaboration about attention, connections and communication.  I’m still thinking about this one.

I recommend watching all their pages too.