Technology Moving Forward

Two interesting articles on Medium which I wanted to highlight.

One is a 270 Terraflop computing platform that you can run at home. Seems like a lot of computing power for the ‘home’ but amazing that such is available and can be applied to some computational ideas.

Another article is about seven technologies to watch in the next year. Yes, most of these are boring lists of things we’ve already heard about but was a good list so I thought I’d highlight it.  I’ve written about self-driving cars before and they seem to be on our doorstep. I’m anxious to get one myself.

And here is a great little article on blockchain and why it is meaningful and interesting.

I’m currently reading Principles: Life and Work by Dalio which I’m loving. At work a few years ago I did some work with the team on establishing principles to govern our decisions in IT. I’ll write more about that soon and this book once I’m done.

Best wishes to you in the new year. And to those of my friends dealing with disruption and change, press on. Sometimes change is a really good thing when you leave the bad to find the better.