The following are some most interesting articles on collaboration, improving team performance, focus and generally getting things done successfully in this ‘networked’ era.

  1. The One Thing That Makes Collaboration Work is a good starting point.
  2. Innovation is social from the article Innovation – The Game Changer by Ram Charan.
  3. Strong ties and Weak ties from The Ties that Find by one of my favorite authors Andrew McAfee. McAfee has written several excellent books on collaboration ideas and Enterprise 2.0.
  4. Tips on being a master connector of people at 106 Tips to be a Master Connector. Pick a few ideas and run with them and then try some more.
  5. Ideas on ‘Flow’ in the article What Mel Brooks Can Teach Us About ‘Group Flow.’
  6. One of the master authors and thinkers in this space, Harold Jarche writes in the article Build Your Own Edge about “Diversity of opinions and ideas gives any organization more resilience to deal with change and more potential for innovation.” You should follow his writings if interested in this space.
  7. 3 Personalities That Help Teams Shine by Sean O’Brien.
  8. How to be a Conscious Listener by Keyser.
  9. Lead at your Best talks about asking questions, building trust and other good thoughts on being an effective leader.
  10. One of my favorite ideas on looking for weak signals in The Strength of Weak Signals. This article too talks about the importance of listening carefully and looking for visual clues.
  11. Jarche again but this time on Management in Networks. Looking for insights, focusing on the ‘why’ and being an example.
  12. 12 Habits of Highly Collaborative Organizations is another good list of things to consider.
  13. Jarche again on Chance Favors the Connected Company. Chance favors the connected…
  14. How Can I Become Influential from Quora which has some related and interesting ideas.
  15. And finally The Facebook Generation vs. The Fortune 500 which is a wonderful article about, ‘These are the post-bureaucratic realities that tomorrow’s employees will use as yardsticks in determining whether your company is “with it” or “past it.”’ When forming teams and getting groups to collaborate, these ideas need to be kept in mind.

I would once again recommend the excellent book Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation by Steven Johnson. Another great book is Group Genius: The Creative Power of Collaboration.


If you have other recommendations, let me know.