Security Talk for Friends

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The security risks that we are all facing individually and as households are getting so severe that I’ve decided to prepare a presentation and give to a gathering of friends. I’m going to talk about basics of passwords, 2-factor authentication, best practices with your endpoints and your home network and finally best practices when traveling.  The key point that I’m trying to get across is that we need to trust less and we need to be proactive in managing our security and privacy.

I did this 1.5 years ago with family and heard a lot of good feedback, however, my 4-year old nephew who was on the floor playing with dinosaurs at the time, rolled over and announced in a loud voice that this was boring!

Copies of this material and some other resources are posted on the security page above.






One thought on “Security Talk for Friends”

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    FIDO U2F / UAF is another inexpensive way to add Strong Authentication based Security to online accounts. Google, Github, Dropbox and several other online service providers are now supporting the Open Standards based FIDO.

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