All About Project Management

I’m starting to think that IT is mostly about crisp, smart project management. IT teams are really teams that are trying to smartly implement technology solutions that have become so complex that they are hard to completely understand. Business processes and complicated software solutions are all about project management.

And wrapping around all of that is increasing need for information security. Protecting supply chain, technical and people information is becoming very hard.

Project management and security.

5 thoughts on “All About Project Management”

  1. Project management is in my humble opinion a strategic capability and should be nurtured as an expertise in an organization. I have been in the project management space and have seen organizations misuse this critical skill set. It is indeed a key to implementing successful technology solutions because they have the big picture view of all the potential elements that will impact a project particularly the security requirements and considerations of a project. I am saddened to see that titles of a project manager are given to staff and all they do is follow a checklist or follow the date mandate of their senior managers. Many project managers also have bought in to the idea of all he needs to accomplish is meet the date without thinking of the quality of his product. They will claim the project is done but in reality they are not because they continue to fix defects or missed requirements post production. There are also many fundamental practices many project managers don’t understand such as the correct use and implementation of a work breakdown structure (WBS). You would be surprised if you ask a project manager what is the difference between a project management plan and a project plan and hear them tell you that there is no difference.

    1. Very good point Randy and thanks for sharing it. I agree that there is more discipline and process in project management than many realize.

  2. Mark, after crossing 24 years in corporate IT, I can’t agree with you more. How does a CIO know he/she is going to come in on budget? Program/project management. How does a CIO know a new IT capability will be delivered in time for a critical business need? Project management. How does a CIO know they are delivering the highest business prioritized needs? Program/Project management. Beyond the ITIL table-stakes to “the run” of IT, strong/successful project management is the key to a successful IT organization. Information security is needed to wrap, as you say, IT to ensure information assets are protected to meet the risk tolerances of the organization. The value of information to the organization as well as to organized crime has risen to a level that “security as an afterthought” is no longer viable. Yet, information security should not be all compliance/paranoia/skepticism. A healthy does of “enablement” is needed for infosec to partner with IT and support business objectives. More on that topic in my recent blog post:

  3. Thanks John. Sorry for the delay in responding but I appreciate your feedback.

    Everything we do in IT is steeped in PM planning and execution. Programs and projects, installing new systems, security reviews, etc. are all PM projects. We need to be more sensitive and aware of these needs and skills.


    1. Just another two cents. The importance of project management practice is key to the growth and achieving of goals for any organization. However, this practice should also be nurtured and matured. Just like Mark’s statement of being more aware of the skills needed. An organization with a standard project management practice is better able to manage its portfolio of project and the practice is better able to assist the leadership in managing priorities for the portfolios whose outcome achieves the corporate goals.

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