Weak Signals

There is a wonderful post called the strength of ‘weak signals’ which I must recommend specifically. Usually I just retweet articles that catch my eye, but I’ve thought about this one for days now and just wanted to highlight to those who might stop by.

The thought that “spotting weak signals is more likely when companies can marshal dispersed networks of people who have a deep understanding of the business and act as listening posts” is true. There are signals in your operations, in your sales locations, in your design centers and from your entire supply chain in both directions (suppliers and customers) and a successful company must get better at spotting those signals and that information.

The article talks about social media and senior leaders being engaged in such, but it applies to everything and everyone, not just social media channels. IT plays a role in making it easier for teachers to share and collaborate and learn from one another. This might be one of the most critical roles for IT in this age.

We’ve all got to be better listeners and we’ve got to purposely and actively be listening, watching, reading.

Good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Weak Signals”

  1. Hi Mark,

    That was an interesting post. I really like their suggestion of making social-media engagement awareness a hiring criteria for managers. I think this should be a must these days. An executive who doesn’t have a blog (external or internal) appears as someone who not comfortable with communicating and exchanging ideas with his/her employees and customers.

    p.s. I think there is a typo in second last sentence of the second last paragraph— teach should be teachers?

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