Rebooting Work

Last year (2012) I attended Dreamforce in San Francisco. As a CIO, I was invited to be part of an executive track of some kind and the first night of the conference, a reception was held at a nearby location. At the reception, I knew just about nobody. Well, nobody. However there was food, music, etc. I walked around for a while, got a drink, then got a plate of food. I looked around and saw someone standing off by themselves with a plate of food. I decided to join him.

Through our conversation, I learned that he was former CIO and that he was now on the board of His name was Maynard Webb. We proceeded to have a great conversation for about an hour and the we parted ways. During the conversation, I learned he was working on a book which is now out and called Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship.

In the book he references a time at work where, “Maynard wondered if the people he encountered throughout his life would walk over to say hello or turn and walk away. He then stressed the value of conducting oneself in ways that draw people toward you.” which made me laugh given our encounter and conversation.

The book is about how work is changing and how one needs to be the master of their own career. Things are a changing.

What does all this—mobile, cloud, social, platforms, and applications—have to do with work and with you? In one word, everything. You can think differently about how and when you work, and you should. Technology, and applications of this technology, will continue to improve and evolve, providing unprecedented, global access to information, individuals, training, and opportunities. But perhaps most important of all, technology provides individuals with unequaled flexibility. You don’t have to be bound to geography anymore, and you don’t have to be tied to one company anymore.

If you are starting out or in the middle of a career, I recommend Maynard’s book to you. It is complete with stories and ideas that just might make a difference.

You can read more about Maynard here.

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