Lots of Data

I’ve had the chance in the last 2 months to spend extended amounts of time with some key IT infrastructure and application companies. In all three meetings, I’ve heard the repeated theme that the amount of data being collected, stored and analyzed is increasing and there is no sign of it slowing down.

One well known company indicated that they were collecting a huge amount of data from their latest product in operation and they are just now trying to separate the signal from the noise. They are collecting data from a huge number of sensors and they are trying to identify the key input variables. But the important point to me is that they are collecting huge amounts of data.

Another person said that all of us will be saving more and more data and we’ll need to ‘keep buying disk drives.’ Given where I work that is a good thing.

Another well known network infrastructure company talked about the amount of data moving through their networks every day and the numbers are just staggering. Many petabytes per day.

Everyone is talking about Big Data now and the Internet of Things were sensors are exploding in count.

Storage which might have been a boring subject is no longer boring.




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