Compound Actions

Siri is a fun tool to play with on the iPhone and I’ve enjoyed trying out different things it/she/he can do. However, what is missing is the ability to do compound actions or build up actions in a sequence. Siri can do remind you of something (an alert) when you arrive at a location which is great. However, I’d like to string more things together. For example:

  1. Send my son a text tomorrow at 2:45 PM tomorrow to wish him well on a test. (send the text at a later time, not just now).
  2. Remind my wife to pick up milk when she leaves the office. (i.e. put a reminder on her device to have something happen based on her location).
  3. Tell me a stock price rises above $40/share. (when an external trigger happens, then alert me).
  4. Remind me when the OSU football game is about to start. (look up the start time and set a reminder for then).

Siri can work with pieces of this information, but she can’t yet string them together. And she can’t interact with someone else’s device. Seems to me that these are the next steps.

These kinds of compound tasks remind me IFTTT which I wrote about earlier. If you’ve not tried that out, you should take a look.

The ability to do compound actions, where you can tie together one thing with another in a sequence or where you can connect disparate systems together in an easy way will further transform mobile and in fact corporate IT. The big monolithic IT systems that can not interoperate in this fashion will be dinosaurs.

Since we are talking about the iPhone, I would certainly like for Siri (and the iPhone Search) to interact with Evernote. It would be great to ask Siri to open up a document in Evernote.


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