Biometrics Are Coming

I’ve been running lately and using both Fitbit Flex and Nike+ to track the results. And I’ve used some of the food tracking apps on my iPhone to track the food I’m eating. Together they offer a hint of the surplus or deficit in calories burned every day. I find the results to be most interesting but also lacking in depth and insight.

However, the wave of biometrics is coming fast. Rumors are that Apple is going to launch an iWatch and it will have more biometric data reading involved. The Nike Fuelband uses a concept called fuel while others count steps. The Fuel concept from Nike is likely better as the ones that count steps don’t really count steps, they count motion and rhythm which is not really steps.

It would be cool if these bands could measure pulse, blood pressure or even chemistry on the skin surface. That is coming.

Imagine the big data that will be gathered as this data is compiled and then compared to other health measures like disease, weight, diet, illness, death, family genetics, etc. The mapping and data mining potential is huge and the results will be fascinating.


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