1A) Connect

Begin by connecting with peers.

Your peers running organizations like Finance, HR, Sales, Engineering, Marketing, etc. are themselves running large parts of your organization’s operations. You need to find out their problems, challenges, priorities and needs as a first step. You need to do this yourself. Don’t rely on reports from the earlier leaders, your staff or anyone else. You need to hear this yourself.

If they are in your same place, then get on their calendars immediately. If they are far away, get on an airplane immediately. Telepresence is great for later conversations, but start in person.

You want to become their partner (and them yours). Find out directly or figure out how to help them succeed. What does your counterpart in Sales need to be successful and how is IT helping him or her get there?

The next post will talk about what to do with this information.


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5 thoughts on “1A) Connect”

  1. This is exactly what I did in 2003 when I took over an IT organization supporting two of our company’s business units, Mainly thanks to you telling me to do that way back then. It started the relationship off on the right foot and helped strengthen IT’s credibility with the leaders of those organizations. The quarterly IT Ops & Program Reviews you requested with those teams continued to move the relationship to higher levels, especially when joint efforts were presented by members of the business unit at those reviews.

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