Three Questions for a New Year

Starting a New Year

At the beginning of every year, countless lists are posted on things one should do at this starting point to the year.   HBR posted an interesting article at the beginning of 2010 that I’ve reflected on again and again so I thought I’d share it here: Three Questions Executives Should Ask For The New Year.

Clear communications, thoughtful decisive actions, integrity and smart and studying to get smarter are great things to consider as a new year begins.  On the communications front, I am a big believer in transparency and doing all your can to communicate what you are thinking and where you are heading.    Being decisive and acting with integrity all the time can help an entire organization move faster.   We probably need to keep trying, every day, to get lighter and faster in our analysis and decision-making.  Finally getting smarter all the time is critical too because technology changes daily and new ideas are constantly moving forward.   I tell vendors who see many companies and ideas and ways of doing things, that I need every good idea they have and I want to know if we are doing something dumb or different or wasteful.  I need to get smarter every day.

I’ve noticed that one of my peers says ‘good job’ or ‘thank you’ a lot. I’ve really come to appreciate that about him as a leader. Everyone wants to be told they are doing a good job and everyone wants to be appreciated. I need to get better at doing the same.

Peace, health and prosperity to you as you begin 2013.

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