I have to say that I think the Microsoft story is getting better and stronger. They have a good strategy on multiple fronts and they are thinking more in the terms of solutions and not products. I like that change.

Their data center build out story is sounding really strong and they are open with what they are doing. They are willing to share their thoughts on how services and accompanying cloud build out should proceed into the future.

Their UI for Windows 8 and Mobile is really interesting looking and I think it will be well received in the home and with individual users. Those who want to see their Facebook updates, etc. will really like it. I’m not so certain about how well the UI will be received in the corporate world, but if they can succeed at home and in educational circles it will be pushed into the corporate world over time. Windows 8 can run without the new UI anyway.

The security enhancements in Windows 8 and their better power management will also be welcome by corporations and road warriors with laptops.

Really nice features in their email platforms and in the management of the email environment in the workplace. DRM, archiving and discovery features look good.

It just seems that they are well focused these days and heading in a good direction.

One thought on “Microsoft”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I have been extremely impressed with Microsoft’s Office Web Apps available in the Skydrive. MS Office Web Apps are pure HTML5 apps and do not require any installed apps or plugins. They provide an easy way for ChromeOS users to open, create and edit MS Office documents in a web browser. However I think Microsoft needs to speed up the pace at which they release new features in their Web Apps. Traditional software deployment cycles of new releases once every quarter will not be successful in the Web marketplace. Microsoft needs to adopt the continuous deployment pattern for maximum agility to compete with the likes of Google Docs.


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