Sharing a Few Good Articles

Over the last few months, I’ve been tweeting lots of articles that I’ve read that I’ve found to be particularly interesting. You can see the latest ones in the twitter log to the right. However, here are a few that I’ve not shared that merit some review and don’t fit so well in a tweet.

  1. From Fast Company, the 100 Most Creative People in Business 2012 and here is an article about that article.
  2. There is a great post on HBR called Breaking the Bad Data Habit which is a great reminder of several points. First, make sure you are getting data from the system of record for your organization, not someone’s spreadsheet or something someone heard in the hall. Second, always cite your source in your slides or documents. If you see a presentation which does not do this then challenge the material. Finally, if the data is wrong then stop and find the right data.
  3. There is a wonderful article about culture and Creating An All In Culture. Transparency and lots of communication are key. Tell the good, the bad and the ugly. Enlist everyone’s help to get better.
  4. Velocity is the only innovation out come that matters.  The pace of change is getting faster. Get used to it.

Like I said, I mostly post these kinds of things on twitter but today I thought I share a few good ones here. Also, I’ve added a few good books to the reading list page.

Comments always welcome.


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