Interesting Online Tools

There is a web site and service called ifttt which means if this then that. The service allows you to glue together different online events to cause other things to happen.  Examples are on the site (and templates) which allow one to glue together things to cause other things.  For example:

  • if I favorite a tweet, then it can send that to instapaper
  • if the temp tomorrow is below freezing it can send me an email
  • etc. etc.

I’m wondering how IT might use these services to glue together some corporate IT events. If a certain event happens, then cause something else to happen. Some of the channels would be usable by organizations, not just people fooling around. For example, if a corporate IT service goes out can these services be used to spread the word via several different channels to your team in an automated fashion?

Have you tried anything interesting with this service?

I’ve also been using Buffer a lot lately. I am currently watching 331 blog/sites/feeds and I  like to share the best ones (see the post to the right). I’m using this tool to send favorite ones which are then posted on twitter at predefined times of the day. With this, I can read through a lot of things and highlight ones to share, but then send them in a more orderly fashion instead of sending 10-15 at a time. It is not a big deal, but I like this approach. If you do a lot of tweets, take a look.

PS. After doing this post, WordPress recommended I link to the site below.  If I type a blog about this then show me related ones I guess…   Funny.

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