Cloud Variations

There have been a number of interesting posts on-line about the recent Apple announcement and how it relates to what Microsoft and Google and others are doing.  Here is one that talks about how Jobs kept making the statement that It Just Works and what that means and there is this one on the same site called Game, Set, iMatch.  These documents talk about documents in the cloud, notifications and how the various mobile platform vendors are getting better and stitching different eco-systems together.  I wrote about some of this earlier on the Windows 7 phones and then Mango was announced a few days later which goes further down that path.  The integration of twitter tighter into the IOS experience is the Apple step in that direction and of course Android has tied the notification system together nicely for a long time.

There is a great quote in that first article about iCloud that bears thinking about:

With iCloud, Apple is transforming the cloud from an almost tangible place that you visit to find your stuff, to a place that only exists in the background. It’s never seen. You never interact with it, your apps do — and you never realize it. It’s magic.

Reminds me of the Clarke quote:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Apple has a great way of making things happen in a transparent, magical fashion. Much like Disney experiences when you visit their parks and everything just works and is cleaned up overnight.  Lots of ‘IT’ happening behind the scene.

The third article, Apple and a web-free cloud, talks about strategy between Amazon, Google and Apple and it too highlights the key differences in how these players are moving forward.

It is interesting to watch all four of these companies move forward with their strategies and it will be interesting to look back in 5 years and see what has happened.

2 thoughts on “Cloud Variations”

  1. Even with the huge amazon cloud outage a few weeks ago it’s clear the “cloud train” has left the station. Apple’s cloud I think will win on all things consumer, with google’s cloud apps coming in second. Amazon is where devs and startups are going to build services that “act” like apple’s iCloud. It’s interesting when you think of the incentives. Google wants all your cloud to be in a browser because that’s where they monazite via ads. Apple is device centric so they want you to own 3-4 apple devices to access the cloud and don’t really have a browser strategy for access. And of course amazon just wants to sell you some services.

    Having been on Android, iOS, Mac and PC, the older I get the more I want things to “just work” and am over the tinkering with stuff. If Apple can get the engineering right (something they screwed up with mobile me) then going with “just working” will be my recommendation to 90% of the people I know

  2. I agree Phil. The ‘just works’ is a big deal and as the article said, I doubt that phrase is an accident in the presentation…

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