Tie Everything Together

In the last few months, I’ve encountered several different situations where a different and better paradigm is needed for pulling all ones information together into one place on a mobile platform (or a desktop).   Today, the iPhone model is one of separate applications on the screen with the user of the iPhone navigating from one application to another.  A person might check their email in one application, then launch another application (with a different UI) to check Facebook, then repeat for Twitter, etc.

Instead, a different paradigm would be to bring the related content together into one place.   There was a post on line a few months ago that caught my eye about an Android application called Aro that pulled together different sources into a single pane or view.  I’ve also noticed on the current Windows 7 phones steps in this direction where the people view ties together information from the phone address book with information from Facebook in a very well done and slick fashion.

The need is there to bring everything together into one place instead of having separate islands. In the corporate world, this one place is usually (always?) email because that is the one common place that all applications can work with in a consistent manner.  Online approvals in corporate applications can almost always send an email with a URL  to approve something. As a result, email is the common place in the workplace. But putting things in a person’s inbox is not the same as integrating the data together.

In the mobile world where the integration can be much tighter and where applications are being built now instead of perhaps 10 years ago for corporate IT systems there is a real opportunity to pull these connections or conversations or information nuggets together into a common place. I’d love to see all pieces of information related to a person brought together into a single view.

I look forward to where Windows 7, Android and the Iphone go in the coming year.  There is much opportunity.

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