Lattice vs Top Down

There are numerous posts and discussions about how to measure the value of better collaboration or how to measure the value of collaboration tools.   I agree that it is a very hard thing to measure however, I think I can see progress in the rear view window now.   I’ve noticed recently that a number of projects are completing in an easier fashion, with more coordination and with less stress than I’ve seen before.   I’m seeing teams get things done with less management micromanagement which seems to indicate progress in something.   I’m seeing teams leverage others work better and I’m seeing teams share more things in a transparent fashion.   In short, I think I’m seeing collaboration and leverage and teamwork improve over time.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a group of people who get it on how to collaborate on a global basis across different levels and between different organizations.   There is a wonderful article in HBR on this topic of moving from top-down to all-in which I’ve had the opportunity to see in action.   If you’ve not seen this article, please stop by and take a look.

Participation in all levels of the organization across geographic sites to get things done and to share information is a fun thing to watch.   When you can see teams collaborating in new ways and leveraging the work of others and learning from others, it is pretty exciting.   I have to say that the transformation takes time and there don’t seem to be shortcuts or fast shifts.   But if over time you can look back and see teams working in different ways it means something is happening.

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