Gartner Symposium ITxpo

Some comments after two days of visiting the big Gartner conference.

There are more than 7500 IT professionsals here with something like 1700 CIOs attending. In short, this is a real focal point for IT leadership. I think I heard that this is the largest attendance in several years. Follow what is happening on Twitter at #GartnerSym.

The keynote was excellent and addressed the new realities of IT. Stop by and take a look as it is recommended.

There are a number of sessions about collaboration and social media. Mike Bracken of the Guardian gave an excellent talk on the use of social media at the Guardian. He said to kill stuff, fail fast and open up. I loved it.

Cloud is the big thing here and those sessions are packed and lots of people are tweeting about what they are hearing. I had the prior session run long and was 5 minutes late to a cloud session and the room was already packed and I couldn’t attend. However I’m getting tired of the hype on the cloud. Just do it as I’ve written on before.

More later.

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