Have Ipad Will Travel

I’ve now done two trips with just an iPad and my mobile phone (an iPhone) and no laptop.   I have to say that it works, but not perfectly.  On the plus side I can access company mail/calendar, personal email and internet resources just fine and that is 90% of what I need.   Throw in Evernote for notes and other apps and the package works well.  The lighter weight and smaller form factor make for a very attractive set for travel.

However, I’ve also realized that I could do all of this on the iPhone as the iPad just gives me a bigger screen to view the content. I’ve not really used the Ipad for watching movies either and I listen to music on the iPhone, not the iPad.  I like having the bigger screen of the iPad for doing longer runs of email and for looking at presentations and documents.   However, I really miss a real keyboard.   No matter what, typing on the touch screen is just not as good or as fast as typing with a real keyboard.   I can’t bring myself to buy a bluetooth keyboard because I’m adding more weight/complexity and then I’m back to the laptop.   I also have to say that I want more storage because I’m used to having all my files with me as well as lots of media.  The iPad just doesn’t hold it all and there are times when I’m not connected to any network.    And there are still applications that won’t work via Safari on the iPad.

One interesting point is that I’m seeing a lot of business people traveling with them.  They are showing up on airplanes, in airports, at Starbucks and in meetings.  I’ve been in several meetings recently where 10% to 30% of the participants had iPads.  Shocking and interesting.   I’ve also noticed business offers where you can be entered into a drawing to win an iPad or 1 of 5 iPads, etc.   Join our webinar and be entered to win an iPad…

I’m really interested to see how the next generation of slates work out and how well they are adopted by business users.

It looks to me like you are going to have a home computer ‘base’ and then have multiple mobile devices connected and sync some/all of your key content when traveling.    I want it all when I’m traveling.  I feel better if it is with me.

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