You’ve got to follow Don’s blog.  He has one great article after another.  He had one on agility that I want to reference.   I would also relate this one to the one in CIO Magazine and their online counterpart that references the disruption in the IT space and for IT leadership.   I really think much of this article is true and needs careful thought.   The other great articles that need further thought are about cloud computing with this three part article.   There is much disruption ahead.

I hate to just link to these and not say much other than to point out that so much is changing.  We need to keep getting leaner, we’ve got to keep improving partnerships with our business counterparts and we’ve got to move faster every day.    Get some good running shoes.

I’ll write more on these ahead.

PS.  I wrote this back in March and for some reasons didn’t publish it.   The links are still right on fortunately.

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