Been Out There – Jump In

Sorry for not posting in a while.  I’ve been sick and moving slow.

I did have two conversations with fellow CIOs today and  lately I’ve had more conversations with other CIOs than ever before.   Lots of interest in cloud computing and what we are thinking in that area as well as I have lots of interest in what others are thinking and learning.

It is interesting to me that we all seem to have the same problems, questions, challenges, etc.  We have all made different decisions upstream that have influenced our current states and we’ve implemented different solutions that best work in our environments (or at least we thought they were best when we made the decision).   I think I’ve mentioned before that we in IT tend to pour lots of concrete with our decisions and systems.   Decisions we made 15 years ago are still affecting us (what ERP system are you using?).  Because of that, we need to be careful with the decisions we make today.

I think going to more cloud solutions is a good thing now.   More importantly, I think that IT shops and CIOs need to jump in somewhere and start learning more about what is going on here.   You can’t sit on the sideline for years and wait for all your questions to be answered.  Jump in and start learning.  Get your hands dirty.   Figure out the security issues and the identity management issues and the SLA issues.   You are only going to learn if you jump in.  Remember the expression that fortune favors the bold.

IT is a fast moving space.  If you don’t jump in and start making things happen, you’ll be left behind.    Go for it.  Have fun.   Learn something.   Don’t hide.

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