Enterprise 2.0 Recent Thoughts

Resistance to Enterprise 2.0 and Results of Better Interactions Between employees and teams.

Found two good posts on Enterprise 2.0 ideas that I wanted to share.   The first is a rather hysterical presentation about security risks with a new medium which Saqib highlighted to me.   I’ll not say more and you need to take a look at it yourself.

Unfortunately there is always resistance to change and concern about what is happening and what might happen, in the worst case. It is interesting how people will tell you the negatives or the 1-2 things they worry about but they likely won’t tell you the positives and the 1-2-75 good things that might happen.

Also, there is a really great post by Jamie Pappas about social interactions in the workplace and results from some serious studies on the matter.    Her post is Understanding Human Organizational & Social Behavior in an Unusual Way– A Chat with Ben Waber of the MIT Media Lab. I found this post via Twitter post by Susan Scrupski who writes a lot of great material on Enterprise 2.0 ideas too.   Both are recommended.

I won’t repeat the points in Jamie’s post, but one item about the value of face-to-face interactions in the workplace was clearly demonstrated to me years ago when I worked in Asia.   I found that when team members who were trying to work together with the Pacific ocean between them would suddenly make huge progress and things would go smoother when the managed to get together for a few days.   This ‘learning’ is probably a good case for Telepresence.

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