Fire Yourself

I sure like this post on HBR about taking a fresh look at things at the start of a new year.   I think we often go down paths a long way and set many things in motion that if we paused and thought about, we might do differently or not do at all.   I keep asking my team to tell me things we need to do differently or things that are not working.   I want to have a culture around me where people are speaking up if they see things differently.  I hope I’m successful at that creating that culture.

In IT we’ve all bought systems and software that have proven to be a headache for us over months and years of time.   I heard the phrase years ago and I keep reusing it that IT pours concrete around the business processes of an enterprise. This is so true and those of us in IT need to be looking for concrete that is slowing down the business and we need to find alternatives.

Best wishes to all for the new year.

One thought on “Fire Yourself”

  1. Mark,

    I liked the HBR post as well. I think managers at all levels should adopt Jack Welch’s strategy.

    On a slightly tangential note, recently I have been reading about Staw’s Commitment Bias i.e. The Irrational Escalation of Commitment to a Course of Action as it pertains to IT rollouts.

    Staw’s Commitment Bias essentially states that the more effort one puts into something, the more he or she is likely to show a potential irrational commitment to it. Furthermore, Professor Barry Staw who first described this phenomenon in his research says that, “within investment decision contexts, negative consequences may actually cause decision makers to increase the commitment of resources and undergo the risk of further negative consequences”.

    While the HBR post is geared towards Functional Managers, the Staw’s Commitment Bias is more applicable to Project Managers as they are particularly susceptible to this sort of bias.


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