Cleaning House

Cleaning out the office

One of the blogs I read said CIOs need to be trying things and always learning.   Well, this past week I had to deal with the flip side of that when I cleaned out a lot of old books, technology and software from my office.   New toys arrive or are bought, they are played with for a while and then they end up in a cabinet or a drawer.

I have a virtual museum of portable electronics.   My old favorite HP200LX which I’ve held on to because I loved it.  I also have an HP Omnigo 100 as well as every possible flavor of Palm across several years including the original Palmpilot which was amazing for its time.   One of the real joys of these toys was that each time you got a new one, you got to spend hours cleaning and loading your personal data like address book, calendar, notes, etc. into the new device.     I have several HP 12C calculators, one HP15C, of course an HP41-c and later an HP 48GX.

Just the past few weeks, I’ve been working with my son and several of his friends on a pre-calculus / trig class and we’ve been doing countless problems to prepare for finals.   I pulled out the old 48GX, put new batteries in it and off we went.  They had their TI calculators that the schools require and I had the old HP hardware.  I didn’t think I’d ever need trig identities again?

Lots of old manuals for PC software including multiple old versions of various PC programs.  Multiple generations of MS Office, Visio, and countless utilities.   How about an old copy of TK!Solver?    Manuals from classes and even old books that are no longer relevant to anything.

With the books, I tend to set those outside my office and give them away and they disappear very quickly.   I’m glad they find a home.  It is too sad to throw away old books.

And of course all the trinkets went in the trash.   Would all the conference organizers out there please take note and quit giving out fake leather writing folios or writing pads that have a logo embossed on them!   Nobody wants them and everybody throws them away.  Stop it.  Also, I don’t need miniature golf clubs, a slingshot, or lots of pens with logos on them.   Thanks anyway but I’ll bring my own pen.

OK, I kept all the HP devices.  Can’t throw them away.

One thought on “Cleaning House”

  1. Very funny. I am in the same boat. I am redoing my home office and in the process of throwing out the conference swag/junk I gathered over the years. I was wondering if I can put them on ebay and get something for it. lol

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