Thirsty For Sure

Seth Godin’s post on being Thirsty is a good post to think about and consider for yourself.   I don’t know which comes first, the curiosity or the success.   However, I think that to sustain success, you better be curious and ask lots of questions and think about things in new ways.   You need to challenge yourself by reading things from different view points and you need to surround yourself with interesting people who will challenge your thinking.  You need to be constantly learning.

I used to live in Singapore and I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel in Asia and Europe numerous times.  I believe I have very good friends in Singapore and Thailand and other countries around the world.   Each time I travel and during my time living overseas, I feel like I’m learning new things and being stretched in new directions.

I once had a person from a charity come to visit me in my office and after they arrived and were talking to me, they said they didn’t know my background or anything about my company.   Do you think it might have been smarter to be curious about me and the company I work for and do a little research in advance?   Another person recently show up who had read a post on this blog that had been posted in the prior 24 hours.   That person had done some research.

However you do it, I think that we each need to keep learning, being curious and engaging with the world around us.

Comments welcome.

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