Enterprise 2.0

Enterprise 2.0 by Andrew McAfee

I mentioned in a prior post that you need to read Andrew McAfee’s upcoming book called Enterprise 2.0.   I hadn’t read it yet, but was looking forward to reading it based on his blog and other references to the ideas and work.   Well, I bought a copy and finished it this past week.   I enjoyed it and I’ve already recommended it to quite a few people.   Here are some thoughts about it.

  1. The case studies in chapter 2 have elements of haunting familiarity that likely have parts that apply to many different companies.  While I can’t extrapolate to every Enterprise, I certainly believe that everyone is trying to do more with less and trying to leverage their physical and people assets more and more every day.
  2. Chapter 4 is outstanding as it drives to the key reasons why the tools in the web 2.0 might just make a difference.   To get better leverage, to move faster, to solve problems quicker, to get more minds working on the ‘opportunity of the day’ we need to connect with more problem solvers.  We need more minds working on the ‘opportunity.’  We need to convert people who are farther away from us into people who are helping us solve problems.  There is some good research that helps underpin why these tools make a difference.
  3. Chapter 5 talks about why these tools are different.  I liked the headings in the chapter so much that I used them to make a point in a meeting where I was involved.  These tools are ‘uniquely valuable’ which is the title of the chapter.   I won’t repeat the points here but this is the best chapter in the book.
  4. There is plenty of good material throughout the book and I wrote all through my copy (usually I read on Kindle but I anticipated that I’d write a lot on this so I went for the real book this time).    The final thoughts of the book are around new ways of thinking and IT investments and goals.   Good material to share with your leadership team and your CFO.

I really recommend this book and these ideas.   It should be emphasized that these tools alone don’t make the difference.  It takes new ways of thinking about working together and while this book and others can speed you along that path, I’m convinced that you’ve got to walk the journey yourself together with your colleagues.   We are using wikis and I’ve been blogging inside the company for over 1.5 years and I can look back and see how my thinking has evolved over that time and how I’ve seen problems differently the further down the path I’ve gone.    Perhaps I’ll write about that another time.

Get the book.

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