Rules of IT are Changing

Mark McDonald wrote an excellent article on the Rules for IT Are Changing and I wanted to highlight it here.   I read this weeks ago and keep thinking about it.

I really agree that the landscape of IT leadership is changing.   The big infrastructure investments that IT has made are just necessary to be in the game.   ERP is needed to be in the game, but it does not differentiate anything anymore.   We have to keep the networks up, telephones working, mail being delivered, etc.

Seems to me that once all the things above are well done and in control, the next difference maker or value creator is around collaboration and how well IT helps the company collaborate internally and with others.

BTW, Mark’s blog is excellent and recommended.


3 thoughts on “Rules of IT are Changing”

  1. Thanks for sharing this and introducing me to Mark’s blog. I totally agree with you his post was a good one. Also agree with your take on it.

    It’s a mindset and a language that’s new to both the IT guys and the non-IT guys. Whether or not that is looked at as “valuable”, will be interesting to see. But regardless, I believe that this is very much “part of your job”.

    In fact perhaps this is where the CIO and the COO roles intersect? There’s been some discussions in the blogosphere about that. Personally I believe that this is where it’s all headed in the greater scheme of things.


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