Collaboration Thoughts

I just spent the past few days at the Cisco CIO Summit and it was a great experience.   Lots of discussion about web 2.0, security, telepresence and all wrapped up around the need to be have better collaboration inside organizations and between organizations.    I think we are going to find that the next five years are going to be defined by better collaboration in the enterprise.  We’ve got to keep reducing friction between individuals and teams and we’ve got to leverage talent all over the world more effectively.  It just has to be because organizations have got to get more productive with the resources they have in place.

We’ve been using some of these ideas and tools with some of our teams with good results.  More to do however.

Read Andrew McAfee’s new book when it comes out and plug into all the writings and dialog taking place around on the topic.  There is also a great post on HBR called the Collaborative Imperative.   And there is another really good post called A New Approach to Social Computing which I recommend.

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