Collaboration in Manufacturing

The InformationWeek 500 review segregated companies into different categories and it was most interesting to me to see that the manufacturing sector led the way in deploying collaboration tools.   Companies have been working hard for years to tighten their supply chains, improve their design collaboration with partners and generally working to get things moving faster with less waste.  It just makes such good sense to see this happening.

In the case of supply chains, all companies are buying from suppliers and selling to customers and everyone involved wants to have the best possible information about everyone upstream and downstream.   Faster communications and as much collaboration as possible is a plus for everyone involved in the whole supply chain.   It is just hard for people and teams and companies to get there.   We’ve all got to learn to work together differently to get the real benefits.  

Collaboration tools are a natural in this space and it is good to see manufacturing companies leading out in this regard.  There is still much more to do however…

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